BODY BY VONGOVA is a luxury fitness company that specializes in beautifying, slimming and redesigning the body holistically using signature treatments such as the ingenious twenty-minute “Vongova Body Lift.”  Perfectly and efficiently designed to be performed in practically any room, anywhere in the world, the Vongova exercise treatments become lifelong blueprints for wellness.

From Brazil to Japan, from the Czech Republic to France, Vongova has researched and traveled to every corner of the globe in a quest for health and fitness secrets with the most powerful results.  Vongova’s signature body transformation strategy is so extraordinary that her devoted niche Brazilian clientele have persuaded her to share her secrets to the world.  Vongova promises her program will give any man and woman, regardless of genetic background, the most beautiful body they can possibly have while being healthy in all holistic dimensions.  According to Harvard Medical School’s Professor Nancy Etcoff, author of Survival of the Prettiest, beauty is the physical advertisement of health.  With discipline, Vongova can give anybody the body of the elegantly toned, sylph-like ballerina or the chiseled Calvin Klein model.  Clients are armed with a secret weapon for rejecting human weakness and for reshaping their bodies into supermodel-worthy bodies.  They find themselves naturally arising early in the morning to exercise, stretching, eating healthily and reveling in life.

At the same time, Vongova’s nurturing training style has been compared to that of a luxurious spa experience.  Vongova’s clients take home more than reshaped and rejuvenated bodies.  They take home a sense of well-being that is prolonged with daily regimens that embody all four dimensions of health: the physical (body), the emotional (heart), the intellectual (mind) and the spiritual (soul).  The dimensions are holistic and interrelated.  The physical dimension crosses over into the emotional realm.  For example, when the muscles wrapped around the spine are stretched and toned, one grows more trusting and less paranoid.   Her holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, health and wellness incorporates reaching a balance between the four elements. 

* Vongova’s clients learn to adopt the discipline of supermodels, as supermodels simply do not see being overweight as an option.  Just as eating is a daily necessity, exercising is a daily necessity.  Clients learn to create a world for themselves where exercising more days than not is not only normal, but a reality.  Like modern supermodels, Vongova’s clients live lives with a mindset that supports a healthy and slim life.

* Vongova’s clients learn to love morning exercise sessions.  Early morning exercising is like automatically brushing your teeth.  Did you know that Victoria Secret supermodels wake up by 6h00 during their training before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show?  It is possibly to train oneself to exercise at any hour, as it simply takes commitment, repetition and consistency.

* Neither exclusive weight lifting nor yoga will lead one to a dream body.  The dream body requires a greater challenge.  Vongova’s  ingenious supermodel technique is comprised of a mélange of Pilates, dance, yoga, synchronized swimming, martial arts, marathon training, athletic arts.

* Instead of over-using the major muscle groups, Vongova focuses on the smaller muscle groups surrounding them.  Thus, when these accessory muscles are strengthened, they gravitate and pull in towards the larger major muscles groups, thus, creating a tinier body structure.

* With consistency and discipline, Vongova’s health and fitness formula will beautify, slim and redesign all bodies.  

Services offered by Vongova

BODY BY VONGOVA offers services in two forms: (1) individualized one-on-one personal exercise & wellness training and (2) group exercise & wellness workshops.

(1) Vongova’s exclusive one-on-one personal exercise & wellness training sessions are both intensive and indulgent.  Clients are ideally prescribed with 3-6 concentrated personal training sessions per week.  For maintenance, 1-3 personal training sessions are prescribed per week.  Clients take home a daily health and fitness regimen.  It is dramatically more beneficial for one’s fitness and wellness to exercise consistently for twenty minutes at home every day of the week than to spend a grueling hour at the gym just once per week. 

(2) Vongova also offers special group exercise and wellness workshops, educating select companies and their customers on the signature Vongova technique which will help improve overall fitness, wellness, energy and productivity of participants.  Special event engagements include collaborations with luxury beauty brands such as Clarins and Clinica Ivo Pitanguy.

Coming Soon!  Products Offered by Vongova:
After working globally for over a decade as a fitness specialist, nutrition advocate and life and wellness coach, Vongova’s luxury fitness programs will soon be available to everyone through books and DVDs.

Clarins, the beauty leader in body and cellulite control, has invited Vongova to teach her special program in the institute’s well-being workshops.
Portable, practical and I dare say perfect, the Vongova program brings all the advantages of a gym with none of the costs. You can perform the exercises in practically any room, anywhere in the world. You'll work hard, but you'll feel the benefits immediately.
~ Tom Lane
BBC News Reporter / Producer