Each 60-minutes one-on-one personal exercise & wellness training session is customized to suit the client’s individual goals.  Based upon the client’s objectives, the sessions are customized to include some or all of the following exercise treatments (which are each offered in efficient time chunks of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes):

The signature “Vongova Body Lift” exercise treatment:

      • Vongova Body LiftBeautify, slim and redesign the body using Vongova’s ingenious signature twenty-minute exercise treatment.  This intensive stimulating training reshapes the overall body by efficiently and simultaneously exercising the body in both cardiovascular and strength training systems.  Serving as the minimum daily staple for the Vongova technique, it may also be supplemented with one of the following two “Vongova Body Lift supplement treatments”:
        (i.) Vongova Aerial-Run and
        (ii.) Vongova Aerial-Jump.
        Both supplement treatments have been specially designed and perfectly to be surprisingly injury-free, low-impact, simple and enjoyable for clients of all levels – from complete beginners to elite athletes.  The result: Body fat is melted, circulation is boosted, fluid retention is drained.  Body will feel detoxified and energized.  Mind will feel fresh and clear-headed.  A perfect “pick-me-up” after a deep beauty sleep or productive work day.

      Three Vongova exercise treatments to tone the body:
  • Vongova Décolleté LiftThe chest muscle is the largest muscle group in the anterior portion of the upper body.  As the foundation for the woman’s bust, it thus serves as the crème de la crème muscle of the upper body.  Women frequently neglect to tone their upper bodies because they tend to focus their obsessions on their bumbum or abdominals.  However, strong upper bodies frame the bust and arm help to arm women with confidence.  Popular among pre-wedding and celebrity clients who realize that their upper bodies will be revealed more in photographs than their lower bodies, in as little as five-minutes, pamper the upper body by toning and carving out the lean muscles of the upper body.
  • Vongova Bumbum LiftPrevent and smooth out cellulite by learning Vongova’s toning method for attaining a supple and tight bumbum.  So effective and popular that several of Vongova’s Brazilian clients demanded the “Vongova Bumbum Lift” exercise treatment for the entire one-hour personal training session.  The bumbum serves as the core for the lower body.  As a result, the entire lower body will be redesigned and toned during this exercise treatment.  Stretch marks will also grow less noticeable and knee injuries will be prevented and aided.
  • Vongova Tummy TuckPrevent liposuction surgery.  Abdominals will love the deep-attack of toning exercises which will resurrect them from hibernation.  When combined with Vongova Body Lift, the result is a refined beach-ready bikini body. 

    The Vongova exercise treatment to elongate and relax the body:
  • Vongova Spa StretchThe body loves the fluidity of the stretching sequence choreographed to spa music.  On the spiritual dimension, stretching brings inner peace, serenity, calmness and grace to one’s body and soul.  On the emotional dimension, stretching can free you from the past, despondency and anxiety.  On the physical dimension, stretching relieves muscular aches and lengthens the body.  Slow down and blissfully relax into your well-deserved stretch session.  Like a self-massage, a luxurious experience for the body and soul that will leave you feeling calm, fresh and rebalanced.
Clarins, the beauty leader in body and cellulite control, has invited Vongova to teach her special program in the institute’s well-being workshops.

She has the body and heart of a Brazilian which says she knows what she is talking about.

~ Maite Kattar, Standard Chattered